Vice Chairman, CEL. PVT. LTD.

Amreesh began his career as an Economics teacher gradually moving up the rungs the hard way to the post of Executive Principal, Administration & Finance as he stands today within the St.Paul’s enterprise and M.D and Vice Chairman of Chandra Edu links PVT Ltd.
Chandra Edu Links, was his brainchild and since its inception in 2006, CEL in a short span has written a new chapter in educational services and grown into a top-tier global educational service company. In 2018 CEL continues its successful quest in more overseas markets in Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Africa and Euro Asia to find profitable new businesses in education operations, master planning and structuring that will continue to deliver steady performances.
Amreesh was honored with the Freeman to the City of London, title on the 20th of June 2012, for his enormous contribution to the development of education from kindergartens to the development of Higher Education cities, not only in India and in the UK, but also across many countries around the world.
Amreesh through the course of his career has held various important post both in the world of philanthropy as well as commerce but all along connected to education. In his last stint he as Group President of GEMs education in India managed a portfolio of 175 schools in India, His foray in Higher education no less from being the key strategist for province of Manitoba , Canada to universities like those of University of Southampton , University of East London and various states in India like those of Punjab,Haryana and Rajasthan . Under CEL's new mandate he continues to pursue his quest and vision for better education with a new emphasis on Ultra affordable schools for rural and semi urban areas in India and South East Asia and possible the first Affordable University of India .