About US


image CEL is a strategy consultancy, committed to bringing unconventional yet pragmatic thinking together with our clients’ smarts to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s complex business landscape. We create a custom approach tailored to each client’s unique situation and bring extensive business experience with proven analytical techniques that lead to high-impact and actionable insights in the field of education and across all its form specifically school education and higher education.
CEL is a global consultancy company dedicated to the education sector providing end-to-end services to education institutions, service/resource providers, policymakers and investors. We have served as strategic advisors to the global education sector since 2006. By working across both the public and private sector, we offer clients a perspective that is challenging for any single organization to access: we see both the “supply” and “demand” sides of education around the world,and monitor trends as they play out on a national and global level. CEL, in combination with its domain expertise, offers our clients a whole suite of capabilities, from strategy through implementation. We leverage our experience and network within the industry to facilitate our clients develop actionable strategies for growth so our client’s organization can reach its full potential.


The European Council of International School (ECIS) is a collaborative network promoting the ideals in addressing significant current and future educational and global issues in support of its membership in Europe and worldwide.
In today’s world of fierce competition and mushrooming of Educational Support Companies ,CEL has the distinguishing advantage of being the only company in India recognized by and affiliated to ECIS.